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A spokesman for The Nielsen Company, who conducted the research, said: "Retail sites are a good barometer of how confident people are.If people are prepared to put in their credit card details it shows how far they have come. When it first was introduced it was very alien and very niche, directed at younger people. "There are new sites such as those set up by Saga, or clothing sites for older women which are targeting this new audience.In fact, baby boomers comprise one of the fastest-growing demographics in the .1-billion dollar industry.Additionally, with a growing number of baby boomers surfing the net, inspiring the nickname “silver surfers,” online dating has become more accepted among this age group.Aging Americans are leading increasingly active lifestyles, whether seeking out exercise for health improvement or social activities for pure enjoyment.This group is dominated by the baby-boomer generation, which is made up of Americans born from 1946 to 1964.

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Not only are the 50 generations digitally adept, but they don’t see age as an online barrier, according to the study by digital marketing specialist i Prospect.However, when the mysterious Silver Surfer crashes things, they learn that they will have to deal with an old foe, and the powerful planet eating Galactus. But the big story today, the much anticipated wedding of fantastic couple Reed Richards and Susan Storm will take place this Saturday.While Johnny's being examined after interchanging powers with Susan, we can see two incorrectly positioned radiographs on the wall: a posteroanterior chest view that's flipped horizontally, and a simple abdominal one that's flipped vertically. See more » Physical Written by Tim Mosley, Nate Hills and Keri Hilson Performed by Nicole Scherzinger featuring Tim Mosley (as Timbaland) Courtesy of Interscope Records Under license from Universal Music Enterprises See more » Tim Story stays true to the roots of the 2005 film, keeping this sequel fun and clean, while developing a new story with a couple new characters and making our favorite 4 heroes grow even more.Travel companies such as those who organise coach and cruise holidays have also created an online presence which appeals to older consumers." However there are concerns that while those over 50 are making increasing use of the internet those aged 70 and over are still being left behind.According to Ofcom, nearly 40 per cent of British households are not connected to the internet, which is a statistic that has changed little in five years.Younger generations’ digital media habits are more advanced only because they have been online longer than their older counterparts." Whitelaw said that, all too often, over-50s are lumped together in an all-inclusive category, but the research has identified key differences between those in their 50s, 60s and 70s that cannot be ignored.