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He presented her with a cross engraved brass medal to always wear around her neck, as a reminder of the consecration she made of herself to God.

He ordered her to never wear any other bracelets, necklaces or jewelry, to avoid falling into vanity.

GENEVIEVE, MO – An investigation is underway at a southeast Missouri jail over a transgender inmate after complaints emerged about inappropriate contact. Louis said her daughter, who is also an inmate at the Ste.

Genevieve County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center, called home to tell her all about it.

Geneviève is the oldest permanent European settlement in Missouri.

It was named for Saint Genevieve (who lived in the 5th century AD), the patron saint of Paris, the capital of France.

At her request, the holy Bishop led her to a church, accompanied by all the faithful, and consecrated her to God as a virgin.Nevertheless, behind this vast expansion of Geneviève's cult was the fact that she was, fundamentally, a Parisian.Her rise paralleled that of Paris as one of the most prominent political, intellectual, and religious centers in the Latin West.Encouraged by Germanus, Genevieve dedicated her life to prayer, practices of devotion and a acts of penance.When she was only 15-years-old, she met with the Bishop of Paris and asked to become a nun.The population to the east of the river needed more land, as the soils in the older villages had become exhausted.