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The Gulatis, or the boy’s side, would take off from Mumbai at three p.m. Twenty hired Innovas would bring them to the hotel by five. p.m.“See, ma’am, we have set up a special desk for the Mehta-Gulati wedding,” Arijit said. Gulatis have a hundred and twenty guests,” my father said.“Exactly.” I threw my hands in the air. Seems like you have money to throw,” Kamla bua said. ” my mother said.“Mehta family has a hundred and seventeen guests, ma’am,” Arijit said, counting from his reservation sheets.“If we only have eighty, that is forty rooms for each side,” I said. Stop the check-ins for the Mehtas right now.”Arijit signaled to the smiling ladies at the counter. They will readjust their allocations on the way here.”“How can you ask the boy’s side to adjust? ” I said and turned to my father, “Dad, Call them.”“Sudarshan, don’t insult them before they even arrive,” Kamla bua said. With so many kids anyway, it should be fine.”“We can manage in thirty,” my mother said.“Mom?
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Redating the exodus bimson

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Many scholars feel sympathetic to the critique of weaknesses in the existing chronological framework[...], but most archaeologists and ancient historians are not at present convinced that the radical redatings proposed stand up to close examination.Rohl's most vocal critic has been Kenneth Kitchen, one of the leading experts on biblical history and the author of the standard work on the conventional chronology of the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt, the period most directly affected by the New Chronology's redating of the Nineteenth to Twenty-fifth Dynasties.beginning with A Test of Time: The Bible - from Myth to History in 1995.It contradicts mainstream Egyptology by proposing a major revision of the established Egyptian chronology, in particular by re-dating Egyptian kings of the Nineteenth through Twenty-fifth Dynasties, bringing forward conventional dating by up to 350 years.

With the same object in mind others have come up with alternative solutions which we have not found satisfactory but we feel that they should be mentioned.Tamar is one of the few sites where volunteers can dig for a single day.The references to Arad, Hormah, and the Way of the Atharim have provided biblical historians, geographers, and archaeologists considerable difficulties.More than 25,000 objects ranging from the First Temple period to the early Arab period have been uncovered here, including a pit with Edomite cultic figures, Iron Age walls, gates and an altar, and a Roman fortress.Dig directors Tali Erickson of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Mark Shipp of Austin College and Craig Bowman of Rochester College will focus on the Iron Age walls this season.2650 b.c., but then remained unoccupied until the early Israelite monarchy.1 Since no remains exist that might be identified with this Arad in the latter part of the Late Bronze Age (or early Iron I), many modern commentators have taken the reference to a King of Arad as a later gloss in the text based on Josh .2 Alternative suggestions have been made to solve this dilemma.