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These guys and their data teams ran queries of all kinds and pulled spreadsheet after spreadsheet of information to try and answer our strange questions.

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Furthermore Maven complies your local sourcecode and creates packages in your local maven-repository.A common complaint among Android developers that switch to Gradle is that the build time for their projects increases significantly.

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The general steps to clone a repository in Eclipse IDE are the following: The Maven integration with Eclipse (m2e) project aims to provide first-class Apache Maven support in Eclipse IDE.

As background – all of us in Plumbr have been using Eclipse for as long as we can possibly remember.

But when I just looked around in the office I saw our whole team being converted to Intelli J IDEA users.

These instructions outline steps how to develop CZT source code using Eclipse IDE. Refer to general setup instructions for more details on CZT development setup.

We recommend using Eclipse m2e for building CZT using Eclipse and Maven.